What type boots do need to prevent snake bites

What type boots prevent snake bitesA snake bite can be detrimental and end in the death of a person. Each year snakes bite approximately 5.4 million people around the world. Around 81,000 people died due to envenoming. It could also result in the amputations of the arms or legs of the victims to control the spread of the venom. A snake bite could cause many complications such as breathing disorders, paralysis of a person, kidney dysfunction, permanent tissue damage, etc.

It is a predominant public health issue in many tropical and subtropical countries. Its prevalence is more common in rural areas, farms, forests, and third-world lands. It arises due to negligence and improper preventive measures as these areas and countries lack the resources to tackle the situation.

Although it is a global issue; however a person must make individual efforts to avoid these situations. He could do this by wearing protective equipment and shields in places with snakes around. The most crucial protection he could have is to wear a thick layers boat that guards him. Keep in mind the following features before buying snake bite-proof boots.

Features of a snake bite repellent boots

  • Sufficient coverage

A snake crawls gradually and winds around. You realize its presence at the moment when it bites. Therefore, a snake-proof boot must be long enough to cover up to the calf muscles fully as most snakes bite at your ankle or leg, so it should be well protected. Therefore, a snake bite repellent boot’s height must range from 18 to 20 inches.

  • Hard and thick material

A snake repellent boot must be made from those materials that are hard and resistant. This resistivity will inhibit the snake’s venom penetration if it bites. Some essential rigid materials are leather, Cordura nylon, and Kevlar. Hence, these boots must be tough enough to protect against lethal snake bites.

  • Comfortable to carry

These boots should be comfortable to carry long distances. Most farmers or those living in rural areas have to wear them. Therefore it must be comfortable enough for them. It should not be rigid enough to resist their movements. Its exterior is hard, but it should be soft and flexible from the interior.

  • Allows circulation of air

The design of the snake repellent boot should allow the circulation of air. Ventilation is uncompromising in any snake bite repellent boot. As these boots could cause sweat hence they should allow air circulation to avoid any foul odor.

Other means of protection against snake bite

A snake bite could be fatal if not properly treated. If a person survives, he could have permanent consequences in his later life. A snakebite is an acute medical emergency that could result in limb amputation. Hence, it is suggested to take preventive measures instead of enduring the pain.

When you move through fields, tall grass, damped forests, or even desert, always shield yourself. Travel by carrying a long stick or flashlight in the dark. Always wear long and thick leather boots. Your foot or leg is the first region that comes in contact with the snake. Hence, it is crucial to shield it. Most of the snakebite victims ended up with their legs or feet amputations. A person should seek better quality boots that provide adequate protection. Therefore, you need a more advanced safety system to protect them.


Snakebite repellent boots help combat wild snakes seeking prey to inject their venom. Subsequently, it could kill a person and be life-threatening for the rest. However, snake bite repellent boots are a better choice in dealing with snake attacks. Therefore a person should buy it after considering all its features that could help him to escape a snake attack

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