What to do if a snake chases you?

What to do if a snake chases youImagine yourself moving across the wild bushes that are thick and tall.

At that moment, you heard a hissing sound constantly following in your footsteps.

That sound seems to approach you as you progress further. You muster up your courage, and you stop to look behind.

To your surprise, it is a wild snake that has been following you. Eventually, you started running, and the snake kept following you.

This scenario is shared with people living in the mountains, rural areas, etc. Somehow, few managed to escape that situation. However, many became the victim of deadly snakes’ venom.

Snake is a poisonous reptile that can kill its prey within seconds. When the poison entered the victim’s body, it badly affected both the circulatory and the nervous systems. Ultimately, that person lost his life due to the snake’s attack. People show most minor concerns related to the snakes’ attack and chasing. However, people and government should not overlook this matter as it is a life-threatening situation.

Ways to avoid the snakes’ attacks?

Following are some active ways to help you escape snakes’ attacks.

  • Always use the buddy system to protect yourself whenever walking or running through the woody or bushy areas. In a buddy system, two individuals form a single unit and protect each other. Operating in this manner will provide more chances for a successful escape from the snakes.
  • When you observe that a snake follows, do not rush and stay calm. Try to maintain a distance from it.
  • Ensure to carry a flashlight or anything to see things in the dark. Never approach any place where you are unable to see anything.
  • Wear leather or rubber long boots. It will safeguard your feet, ankle, and legs. Always wear thick pair of socks to ensure additional protection. These parts of your body are more susceptible to snakes’ attacks. Therefore, cover them adequately.
  • Travel with a walking stick and tap, especially when moving through dense, bushy areas. The sound will warn the snake if it is around you. The walking stick will also help your defense whenever you encounter a snake.
  • Some spots are favorite places for the snake to hide. For instance, sites like bushes and blackberry thickets are likely to find snakes. Therefore, avoid such areas if you are traveling alone in the dark.
  • If you encounter a snake during traveling, change your course instead of getting in its way. Avoid getting in close contact with the snake as it is not a safe move. Do not poke the snake with your stick, as this move can aggravate its behavior. Maintain a safe distance and try to move peacefully.
  • Always carry snake bite kits whenever you are traveling. It can be life-saving whenever a snake bites you.


Snakes are creepy and poisonous animals that could grab their prey within a split second. A traveling person needs to take extra preventive measures to avoid the snake’s attack. For instance, if you encounter a snake,  initially determine whether it is poisonous or not. Try to figure out the shape of its eyes. Those snakes with elliptical-shaped pupils are generally venomous. At the same time, snakes that have round pupils are non-venomous in nature. Therefore, take these steps as guiding principles to help in your escape.


Well, a snake is a lethal animal that has a detrimental effect on humans if it bites. Furthermore, its venom spreads so quickly that a person dies on his way to the hospital. Therefore, it is better to avoid the snake and take preventive measures if it gets in your way. Remember that haste makes waste. Therefore, do not rush or run when you see a snake. Try to make swift yet smooth move. Change your course and do not touch or come closer to the snake. Snakes are hard to tackle, and only experts should dare to come closer to them. Hence, find alternative methods to escape from the escape instead of making close contact with the snake.


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