Rocky Snake Boots Review

Rocky Snake BootsHunting has become a new sensation among young and older adults alike. But hunting is not that much easy as it looks on the surface. You have to face a lot of difficulties and danger. The most profound threat is the biting of snakes. Snakes are primarily found in forests, rivers, and other green areas where people go hunting. A single bite of a snake can kill you.

Alongside the danger of a snake’s bite, there are also many hazards in the way of hunting. To solve all these problems at once, boots are available on the market. Among these boots, Rocky Snake Boots are the most favorable boots available. They not only give you complete protection from the snakes but also give you additional comfort and safety.

In this article, we will review the Rocky Snake Boots and their functions, features, and related things.

How is it better than others?

There are very few snake boots available on the market that are waterproof alongside snake bit protectors. They also have an additional rubber outsole that protects your feet from wetness. Compared to other snakes boots, they do not need any break-in period. You can wear them the moment you buy them. The price of these boots is also lower than other snake boots.

All these things make them better than other snake boots.

In-depth review

Rocky Snake Boots are the most comfortable snake boots available on the market. They have 100% water protection, and the sole is made of special polyurethane that protects your feet from the water.  Their weight is very light, and you can carry them wherever you want to take them; these boots provide 16-inches protection.

Alongside your feet, they ensure the safety of your legs as well. All these features tell us that they should be a priority of every hunter, worker, and outdoor man. Following are some of the features of the Rocky Snake Boots.


Snakes not only live on dry land but can also be found in rivers and underwater. So when you are walking in a muddy place where there is water, the chances are that a snake might bite you. Rocky Snake Boots are made to protect you from underwater snakes. You can carry these boots to water, and your feet would not be wet and protected from the snakes’ bites.

An additional sole helps to maintain the dryness of your feet. The Rocky Snake Boots are 100% waterproof. However, the problem is that the waterproofing of these boots does not last long but it is easy to make them waterproof again by waterproofing spraying.


The features of the Rocky Snake Boots make them the most comfortable snake boots available on the market. The outsole and the polyurethane rubber make them easy to walk. The breaking-in period of these boots is also negligible. You can wear them the right way without practicing in them for hours.

The waterproof system also keeps your feet comfortable in your boots during a long and exhausting journey. The waterproofing system provides comfort by not letting your feet wet and keeping them dry for an extended period.


The Rocky Snake Boots Company is the trusted company in the field of snakes’ boots. The solid and reasonable materials used in the Rocky Snake Boots make them more durable and performative for a more extended period.

Lacing system

There is no traditional pulling off-and-on system in Rocky Snake Boots. They have a lacing system at the front of them that help in fitting the boots to your feet tightly.


They cost around about 190$. They are one of the cheapest snakes’ boots available on the market. But it does not mean their quality is lower than other snakes’ boots. They are quality and standard boots, but their price is lower than other snake’s boots.


The height of Rocky Snake Boots is 17-inches. They cover your feet and legs 100%. So you would not be bitten by snakes in these areas. The height also helps you to travel in muddy water places.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Height
  • Special outsole
  • Snake guard materials


  • Hardly fits
  • Hard pulling on-off system

Why should you buy it?

You would hardly find snakes boots that are waterproofing and comfortable simultaneously. Rocky Snake Boots will not only protect you from the snake’s bite, but they can also be helpful in other activities. The solid materials used in these boots make them durable and more effective. You can go for a walk, a long journey or you can go for a hike in these boots to a forest.

Final thoughts

Rocky Snake Boots have so many features, like waterproofing, solid outsole, comfort, height, and other relevant features, but still, they cost so little. I do not think you would find any such snake boots on the market.

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