Lacrosse 4x Alpha Snake Boot Review

People living in areas with a high risk of snake attacks need extra protection. A snake’s bite can be lethal and detrimental to a person. Moreover, if a person survives, he would have certain complicated conditions. Places that are damp, bushy, or rocky have a significant number of poisonous snakes. Each year, millions of people lose their lives due to the insertion of deadly snakes’ venom into their system. Eventually, the poison leads to compromised circulatory and respiratory systems.

Therefore, people living in those regions need to be extra vigilant and careful. Moreover, they should wear some protective gear for extra protection. The first and foremost protective equipment is the snake-proof boot. As snakes are most likely to attack feet, they require additional protection. These boots must be durable and sustainable to provide absolute security. Many leading brands have showcased a variety of snake boots. However, among them, the lacrosse 4x alpha snake boot is efficient enough to repel the snake’s attack.

A deep insight

It gives comfort like an athlete’s shoes. Moreover, it can fit easily to provide a comfortable walk. It consists of a rubber gusset to accommodate any calf’s size. Further, the flexibility enables its smooth wear. The lacrosse 4x snake boot provides extensive protection due to its hard and thick crust. The outer covering is 16mm in thickness; hence, it is sufficient to resist snakes’ venom penetration. To travel on unbalanced and rocky terrain, it has a 4x burly outsole.

Sometimes during walking, mud gets stuck to its surface. Hence, it has angle lugs on the sole to overcome the situation. For smooth climbing, its sole is angled at 90 degrees. Therefore, the lacrosse 4x snake boots are not only efficient but easy to carry.

Application and usage

These snake-repellent boots offer 360-degree protection of feet to the calf muscles. These parts are more susceptible to snakes’ encounters. Hence, they must be protected by all means. The lacrosse 4x alpha snake boot provides a guarding shield against any unexpected attack. The length of this boot is 16 inches above the ground, which makes it highly reliable and durable. The main constituents for its manufacturing are rubber and neoprene, which are waterproof materials for extra protection. Mostly water seeps inside regular snake boots. However, the lacrosse 4x alpha snake boots repel water from its waterproof external layer.

Moreover, the high-quality layer of rubber is extra durable and flexible. It can easily fit on the calf without any significant exertion. Due to its waterproof quality, one could wear it while crossing a river or moving through water-soaked fields. Furthermore, it weighs around 5 lb; hence, a person could wear it without discomfort.

Salient features

  • Design

The lacrosse 4x alpha snake boots appeal to customers due to their camouflage design. Moreover, one could assess its quality by merely looking at it. The sophisticated design with a hard outer covering makes it ideal for those who want to have stylish boots. Typically, these boots aren’t stylish; hence, teenagers usually avoid them. However, the lacrosse series never failed to coax their customers. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of adventures.

  • Comfort

Mostly snake boots are rugged from the inside. Therefore, wearers always find them uncomfortable. The lacrosse 4x alpha snake boots are remarkably soft from the inside. Moreover, it has a buckle on the calf to adjust according to the size. It fits easily and provides a soft interior. There is a contour portion that will prevent ankle displacement. This compact structure will hold your feet in position. Otherwise, due to sliding, you can have blisters formation.


The exterior is hard enough to provide ultimate protection. However, the manufacturers have made the inside incredibly soft according to the wearer’s comfort. Your feet will never wear off throughout the miles of strenuous hiking due to the extra cushioning effect.

  • Extra protection

The lacrosse 4x alpha snake boots are an amalgam of rubber and neoprene. Both provide extra protection against snakes’ attacks. Moreover, the outer layer is thick enough to counter the penetration of snakes’ venom if it bites. Hence, this unique feature makes it a prime choice for people living in areas inhabited by snakes.


  • Waterproof material
  • Extra buckle for adjustment
  • Snake guard


  • Poor ventilation

Why should you choose lacrosse 4x alpha snake boots?

Multiple reasons make it the first and foremost choice. Wearers find them comfortable due to the soft interior. Moreover, the waterproof material prevents water penetration. It fits easily and has an extra buckle for adjusting calf muscles. Further, it provides 360-degree protection that makes it ideal in every situation.

Final thoughts

The lacrosse 4x alpha snake boots are considered an ideal choice by the wearers. It does not burden the feet; hence, one could wear it for long distances. It provides formidable protection that safeguards a person from an uninvited snake encounter.


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