Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots Review

Irish Setter came up with these Varptrek Snakeproof Boots to help hunters, explorers, and climbers fight the things that could hurt them. People who go on a trip or hunt could get hurt by snake bites, scrapes, blisters, or wet and sweaty feet.

With their badass look and strong construction, these boots say that they will protect you from the bad things mentioned above. These boots will make sure that your trip goes as planned. The Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots are sturdy and strong, but they are also very light to keep walking even when the ground is rough.

You can read more about them in the review below and their pros and cons. They also have a long list of good things to say about them, so it’s safe to say that these are one of the best waterproof hunting boots money can buy. So, if you want to be completely safe from snake bites and bad weather, buy the Irish Setter Varptrek Snake Boots.

What makes it better than others?

The “SnakeGuard” design and construction make the Vaprtrek the best boot made by the Irish Setter company. This is a great example of a functional boot that will be a hit with ranchers and hunters.

Snake bites, scraped skin, or blistered feet can make it hard to walk. The unique thing about these snakeproof boots is that they are very strong and durable, but the bulky look is just an illusion. In reality, they are very light so that you don’t feel like you’re walking with cement blocks on your feet after walking in them for a few minutes.

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In-Depth Product Review

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots ReviewThese boots look and feel tough, which is precisely what you need to fend against snake fangs and other piercing elements in the wild. The combination of leather and synthetic texture and SnakeGuard’s design makes it a durable shoe that venomous fangs, needle-sharp thorns, or other pointed elements can’t penetrate. Your lower leg is secure with these boots on.

Unexpected snake encounters are one of the numerous annoyances. Soaked, sweaty, or smelly feet? Yuck! Lucky for you, these boots boast an UltraDry waterproofing system and ScentBan technology. This means you may wade through muddy plains and streams without worrying about the bacteria-causing stink.

If you read between the lines, this means you can walk for long periods of time without getting sweaty feet, even in hot weather. Their rubberized soles provide excellent grip on any rough and uneven surface. The rubberized texture extends to the toes and a large portion of the side foot to protect any susceptible areas.

The makers used a front-lace system to tie these boots to provide this impregnable protection. Although the laces get tangled in bushes, the silver lining is that they offer a secure fit,  preventing snakes and insects from slithering in or feet from wriggling.

These boots seem big, yet they are not. They are quite light due to RPM technology. Regardless, these hunting boots are worth purchasing if you want robust, lightweight boots with added protection.



These hunting boots are made of grained leather and synthetic materials to be impenetrable. The abrasion-resistant protective covering and SnakeGuard technology make them seem like a walled fortress, impervious to ferocious foes like snake fangs and other sharp items.

The 17-inch shaft extends the unbreakable protection to your knee. The camouflaged pattern also helps you move stealthily over the terrain, avoiding spooking your prey or attracting unwanted attention from other species.


Waterproof & Odorless

That’s where these boots really shine. These are waterproof and scent-proof. The outer layer with UltraDry waterproofing keeps the feet dry, while the inside linings with ScentBan technology remove bacteria-causing odors. You may stay all day in them, stroll through swamps, marshes, jungles, streams, etc., and yet have dry and clean feet.


Rubberized Sole

These are great hunting boots since the rubberized sole won’t rip or skid on rocky or harsh terrain. The rubbery texture extends to the toes and sides. The makers have boosted traction and comfort as well as assured the feet’s safety.



  • Rugged and lightweight design.
  • Waterproof and smell-proof.
  • Rubberized soles and toes make it easier to walk.
  • SnakeGuard technology on leather and synthetic textures create an unbreakable barrier.
  • Having a laced front means that the wearer can get a good fit.
  • Up to the knee, the shaft has a 17-inch length.


  • The lacing system is a snag.
  • Waterproofing needs improvement.
  • A bit expensive.


Why should you buy it?

People who like to hunt and go on outdoor adventures should buy Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots because they will keep their feet safe from painful snake bites and sweaty and smelly feelings. Another thing hunters can do, thanks to the lightweight design and camouflaged appearance of their gear, is to move quickly and quietly, so they don’t scare off their prey.


This is the best waterproof snake boot for warm weather because, in addition to protecting your feet from piercing fangs, they also keep your feet from stinking when you wear them for a long time. For boots that look like they’re from a rough place, these are surprisingly light to help you move around. In the end, if you want high-quality snake-proof boots that are 100% safe from snake bites and smell bad, buy the Irish Setter Varptrek snake boots. They’re a little pricey, but the safety and comfort won’t make you want to spend the money.

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