How to keep snakes away from the campsite?

How to keep snakes away from the campsiteSnakes can be found everywhere globally, but only in these three countries; New Zealand, Ireland, and Iceland; you would not find any. Are you afraid of snakes? Do not worry because everyone else does, and it is natural.

If you do not want to face them, just visit these three countries and be safe.

But by doing so, would you not miss the beauty and wonders of the world? Of course, you will. So instead of backing away, why not follow specific steps while planning for a camp to avoid snakes attack? They are not like harmful insects which attack you without any reason. They are genuinely fewer attackers; when they are furious, then stay away from them.

So let’s find out some steps the keep snakes away from your campsite.


Set up the Right Campsite Location

Location is the fundamental part of a campsite. Snakes are attracted to the particular type of locations; these places are warm, moist places or places where you can find some food. An abandoned place for quite some time is most likely to attract snakes because these places have some digs, holes, and a bit of moisture. The driest a place, the less likely the snakes would be there. Because they cannot live without water and food, these two things go hand in hand.

So when you are camping, look for a dry place that has less moisture, and no insects. Insects nearby your campsite would mean an open invitation for snakes to have delicious meals, including insects and humans.


Cleaning the camping area

Once you have made a decision to stay at a camp and you have cleared everything, then do some basic things in order not to be harmed by the snakes. Firstly you need to clean the surroundings around the camp. You can also clean the inner side of it.  It is evident that snakes cannot stay in the sun or on the earth for an extended period. if you want to look for them, they are to be found under the fallen leaves, some rocks, or long grass. Clean them off, remove any uncertainty and be safe.


Keep your food fresh

One of the essentials for any living thing is food, and so does for a snake. Like many other species, snakes are alive because of food but their food is different from human food. They eat other tiny creatures which can be found in the places as we discussed earlier. Snakes can smell their presence and would go anywhere to find them.

So a place that is not clean would attract these tiny creatures and as a result, these snakes would come for them. Your food should be cold, it should not be dirty and it should not be rotten as well because it can give a signal to tiny creatures which will definitely cause the snakes to come. You should be cautious about these things when you are camping.


Keep your camp intact

You should not let them enter your camp. And what is the procedure for that? Well! You should maintain your tent fully functional. Remove any holes from it because snakes can enter through these holes. You should also close the zips of your tents as well because it is more likely that they would enter through this gate as well.


Tell them you are there

Do you not like snakes? No? Well! The good news is that they do not like single human beings too. So when they know you are there, they would try not to be around. Now the question is, how do you tell a snake that you are there? By shouting? No.

Snakes often smell human hair. So keep some hair around your camp. The time they smell it, they will walk away. You can have some noise or play some music if you like, they would be aware of your presence.



What if all these things fail and a snake does come in front of you? These things do not always work, and if a snake comes in front of you, do not be surprised. Do not overact. so you need not worry, be where you are, and standstill.

Because they would not use any of its venoms on you, they use its venom on the things that they are able to eat. It is possible that a snake will bite you if you do not try to harm them unless it has come from another world. So stay calm, make no harm to it or kill it. When there are hindered snakes in such a situation, ninety-nine will back up.


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