Chippewa Snake Boot Reviews

Chippewa Snake BootAmong all the reptiles on Earth, snakes are the most venomous. Only in the United States of America do more than eight thousand people are bitten by snakes every year. Around the world, the number of snake-bite victims is unknown, but those living in areas where more snakes exist have a greater likelihood of getting bitten.

Also, some people want to go on a trip to the forest or walk around the country. These people are advised to wear special boots to protect themselves from the venomous nature of the snakes. Among them, Chippewa Snake Boot is the best available on the market.

In this article, we will give you a review of the Chippewa Snake Boot, and we will provide an overview of the features it has, its structure, and its price of it.

What makes it different than others?

The serpent attacks the area from thigh to ankle, but Chippewa Snake Boots cover this area. They are 17-inch long boots that surround the area between thigh and ankle. Also, they are made of 100% leather, making it impossible for snakes to bite a human under them and increasing the boots’ durability.

These all boots come with a square toe structure, making them very comfortable walking in a jungle or forest. All these things make the Chippewa Snake Boot different from its boots on the market.

In-depth review

The Chippewa Company has a reputation for making durable boots. These 17-inches size boots and the leather shell they have, protect people from any type of snakes. They are specially designed against snakes and for the area where snakes are found. These boots are laceless, so you would not waste any time lacing them.

These boots have a large opening, so it becomes effortless to put your foot in and out of the boot. Following are some of the fantastic features these Chippewa Snake Boots have.

Special leather

These boots are made of fine premium leather called viper cloth. The viper cloth ensures that the teeth of the snake do not penetrate through the boots thus protecting you from any harm. The shoes are made of 100% of this leather from thigh to toe.


The sole of Chippewa Snake Boots is made by one of the renewed and most prominent companies, Vibram sole. The sole made by Vibram sole is one of the most durable and quality soles. These soles are not only durable, but they are effortless to clean. The repairing or replacing of the sole is also stress-free because of the way the upper part of the boot is placed on the sole.


The opening of the Chippewa Snake Boots is vast. No matter your foot size, it will easily be placed in or out of the boot with ease. The shoes’ exterior is made of leather and cloth that helps ventilate your feet and protect your feet from the stingy smell. Also, the inner part of the boots has a good insole, making them comfortable to wear.

With these fantastic features, you can walk in these soles for hours without annoyance. You can even walk, go for a hike, or do gardening in it.


The price of these boots is a bit higher than other boots, but they provide more features and protection against snakes. The cost of a Chippewa Snake Boot is between 250$ to 280$. With such a fantastic feature and comfort, the price is reasonable.


  •  They are comfortable
  •  100% leather
  •  Vibram sole
  •  Made of viper cloth


  •  No waterproof
  • High price

Why should you buy it?

If you are planning to go on a walk or hike or you live in a place with a lot of snakes, then you should buy Chippewa Snake Boots. It is because they provide the best safety against venomous snakes and also provide comfort. The comfort, safety, and viper cloth make them the best among other snake boots present on the market.

Final thoughts

Chippewa Snake Boot is the most comfortable and safe boot against the serpents. The viper cloth is specially designed to protect one from snakes. The inner and outer shells are also customer-friendly, and the Vibram sole increases the durability and performance of these boots.

So if you plan to buy snake boots, you should probably try these boots once.


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